“The New York Times — Abortion in Italy, a Right Wronged” by Sébastien Thibault is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

What Pro-Lifers Misunderstand About Abortion — and How They Can Help

The recent abortion laws passed in Ohio, Alabama and Georgia have inundated social media with an inflammation of rhetoric from both sides of the debate. What was once considered settled law is now thrown into question as the extremist nature of these laws is poised to attempt to challenge Roe V. Wade (a position, mind you, that even Pat Robertson thinks is too extreme.) I will make it up front for the reader’s benefit that I am quite ardently pro-choice, but having spent 16 years in religious education, I am familiar enough with the insular, cohesion-seeking rhetoric of the religious to provide some unique insight.

So how can I help?

  1. Never base an entire religious belief on one or even a couple of verses. The worst atrocities in history can be Biblically justified with carefully selected verses. God endowed us with the wisdom to interpret His words holistically for a reason. If you haven’t consulted enough of the Bible to identify opposing verses and contradictions and considering them carefully, your faith is on shaky ground.
  2. Understand that good intentions are not enough; results matter. Reflect on this and gauge trends accordingly. If you fall short in the end, your good intentions are for nothing. Accept help where it is given, even if you do not agree with the source. You cannot serve two masters by making a stand against abortion while simultaneously opposing institutions that reduce it. Pro-choicers by definition support institutions that reduce a much larger amount of abortions as they perform. Jesus Himself says this:

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