Thank for lesson, Kevin.

Kevin might have been on to something.

When marketing yourself or a product, you have precious little time to make an impact — and that window is far smaller than you think.

A 2016 study carried out by research firm Lumen used tracked the eyes of participants and discovered that only 35% of digital ads were seen at all, and only 4% experienced more than two seconds of engagement. Medium’s own documentation suggests that the average human reading speed is 265 words per minute. …

Over the last year, I have been gradually scaling up and seeking new clients, and utilizing Upwork more and more to build my client base. Though I had already established myself with some ongoing gigs prior to leaving my job, Upworknow represents about a quarter of my income and I am always seeking new contracts in writing an editing work as one of my income streams.

While I myself have been tempted to underbid merely for the purpose of securing work (I started at $20/hr and probably should have raised that bar right off the bat) I have on occasion…

“The New York Times — Abortion in Italy, a Right Wronged” by Sébastien Thibault is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

The recent abortion laws passed in Ohio, Alabama and Georgia have inundated social media with an inflammation of rhetoric from both sides of the debate. What was once considered settled law is now thrown into question as the extremist nature of these laws is poised to attempt to challenge Roe V. Wade (a position, mind you, that even Pat Robertson thinks is too extreme.) …

Camille Pissarro — The Harvest

Like many college sophomores, I was facing an existential crisis. I hadn’t had a job of any kind prior to my freshman year, and I had been just fired from the first job I ever had — quite deservedly so, in retrospect. Comfort had turned to complacency, and complacency then became laziness. I soon found myself nearly halfway into my college career with no prospects, a black stain on my employment history, mediocre grades, and no real plan for what I’d do when I’d graduated, if I’d even make it that far.

Directionless and despondent, I drifted from class to…

From the outset, my parents raised me with a very specific, narrow path in mind. Go to college, get an entry level position at whatever huge company I could, and work my way up the ladder. Make money. Invest and save so you can make more money and live comfortably into your old age. Retire rich. Enjoy yourself then. The prospect that tomorrow is promised to no one didn’t seem to faze them. (And if you see this article, mom, trust me, I love you, I just disagree.)

I spent four years at college studying for a computer science major…

Brendan Mckeag

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